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SurveyTransfer 2023 Year Planner – The new data sharing platform is on the way!

SurveyTransfer 2023 Year Planner – The new data sharing platform is on the way!

SurveyTransfer 2023 Year Planner – The new data sharing platform is on the way! 1024 576 SurveyTransfer

This article will be a bit unusual, as we are not going to talk about the theoretical or practical side of maps or 3D files. We give you a brief glimpse into SurveyTransfer’s 2023 plan: what we’ve done so far; what lies ahead (milestones); what changes will be made; and perhaps most importantly, when the SurveyTransfer data sharing service will be available!


SurveyTransfer’s idea validation

The birth of the idea of SurveyTransfer as a data sharing and data visualization tool was followed by numerous market demand surveys of different types and sizes. The needs assessment was extremely useful, as we got to know many contractors who work with maps and 3D files. In addition to getting to know them, they formulated their specific needs, along which the development of the software began.

SurveyTransfer’s landing page

We launched the SurveyTransfer website, where we described exactly what our idea was.

Summary (if you know our blog but not aware of the basic idea of SurveyTransfer):

SurveyTransfer is a web-based data sharing and data visualization software for mapping and 3D surveying entrepreneurs. The results of the surveys can be viewed and analyzed instantly on the web, which helps to share large, special files quickly, conveniently, and securely.

The following files can be uploaded and shared:
• Point clouds (.las, .laz)
• 3D models (.ply, .obj)
• Raster maps (.tiff, tif – DEM, NDVI, NDWI, orthomosaic etc.)
• Vector graphics (.dwg, .dxf, .shp, .shz, .geojson)

By using SurveyTransfer you can achieve the following:
• Impress your business partners by sharing maps and 3D files in a fast,simple and modern way (just share a link!).
• Instant display of large maps and 3D files on the web.
• Representation of different data sources on top of each other (in layer structure).
• Faster project closure.

SurveyTransfer’s blog page

In several mapping and 3D surveying professional groups, we have experienced the difficulty that beginners face when planning to get started in the profession. This is why we started blogging to provide an essential and useful starting point. We have decided to publish a new relevant article every third week. We kept this schedule! 🙂

Pre-registration for SurveyTransfer’s Early Access

We have launched pre-registration for Early Access to the software. What is it all about? We will select 25 registrants (“winners”) and give them free access to the SurveyTransfer software for 3 months. Furthermore, each “winner” will receive a unique key by which you will be entitled to a 20% discount on all SurveyTransfer’s plans, which will be linked to the account of the registered “winner” without an expiration date. Early Access registration is available until 23:59 on December 31, 2022. The winners will be notified by January 25, 2023. What does SurveyTransfer gain from this? We can gauge the interest in our data sharing tool, spoiler alert: A LOT of people registered! Apart from mapping the interest, we will regularly communicate with entrepreneurs who have received early access, which will help us determine the further development directions of the software.

If you are interested in Early Access, you can register HERE!

SurveyTransfer’s MVP

We have developed the MVP of SurveyTransfer (MVP = Minimum Viable Product), which already includes the basic functions. We have previously published a few print screens of the MVP on our social media platforms. Speaking of social media presence…

We are present on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn. On LinkedIn and Facebook we are posting something new every week. Follow us and hit that like button too! 🙂

Testing SurvesTransfer with real market players

We tested the MVP with representatives of as many surveying companies as possible to see if we really understood their needs. The lessons learned from testing have been incorporated into the further schedule of development, so using SurveyTransfer will be even more efficient and convenient when Early Access starts.

SurveyTransfer’s business development

We have contacted several investors to raise enough capital to give all registered users a free trial in 2023!


The planned milestones are summarized in the following chart:

As described in the previous main chapter, early access to the software will begin in the first quarter. We hope to launch the capital-intensive free trial in the second quarter of 2023. This will be a huge leap, as SurveyTransfer can reach a lot of people with a free trial. As we consider this a significant milestone, we want to experience this moment together with you. We also created a Facebook event to give it a social space. Click on the next picture and join us! 🙂

The launch of the free version – I don’t think I need to say now how important it is for us – gives us the opportunity to receive development requests from many people, creating the basis on which the last major development phase of SurveyTransfer can start. If the final version of the software is prepared (based on the feedback), then the introduction of the paid version of the software (expanded with more storage space and functions) will begin in Q3.

The last quarter will be exciting too! 🙂 We are going to start building international relationships, which will mainly mean active participation in various professional events (conferences, workshops, etc.).


Before you freak out, don’t worry! The good parts remain! 🙂 The main change will take place on the website. We will make more information available, we will communicate more about the team and of course, when the time comes, you will also find access to the software here!

The change also affects the blog, as we will be writing more and more about the functionality of SurveyTransfer. This means that you will find some “How to use SurveyTransfer” stuff along with the usual “Tutorial” type articles. This does not mean that we stop writing practical presentations and informative materials! 🙂

The current early access registration will be terminated and only the newsletter subscription will remain. When the time comes, registration for the free version will appear, which will lead you into the future of geospatial data sharing! 🙂

If there was new and useful information in this article as well, please fill out this 5-minute survey so that SurveyTransfer can see the light of day as much as possible tailored for your needs! 🙂


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