map; 3D; data sharing
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Struggling With map and 3D Data Sharing?

SurveyTransfer is an innovative map and 3D data sharing software. This cloud-based platform is meant for surveyors where they can collaborate with their clients on an interactive map and in a 3D view. Surveying data (map and 3D files) can be organized into projects which makes sharing large files fast, convenient and secure. Measuring, labeling and other useful tools are available in project files (on map and in 3D). Uploaded map and 3D files can be shared, downloaded or deleted as we respect that it’s your data and you decide what you do with it.

map; 3D; data sharing

What technologies do we support?







The purpose of SurveyTransfer data sharing software

SurveyTransfer aims to provide an effective and comprehensive solution to map and 3D data sharing:

SurveyTranfer’s automatic processing module allows uploaded maps and 3D files to be displayed on the web. Thanks to the web view, there is no need to wait for files to be downloaded.

There is no need to install additional software, as SurveyTransfer can display files on map and in 3D.

SurveyTransfer was developed in collaboration with multiple surveying companies and their partners to make the interface user-friendly for those unfamiliar with GIS or other geospatial software.

SurveyTransfer can be opened with a web browser, so it does not require a high-performance computer; high-resolution maps or 3D files can be viewed even on a mobile phone.

SurveyTransfer functions as a collaborative platform. The surveying contractor and their client can both view and work on the same shared map and/or 3D view within a project. The surveying contractor and their client can leave annotations and messages on the map or 3D models for each other.

map; 3D; data sharing

What files can you upload and share?

map; 3D; data sharing


Do you work with SHP, DWG or DXF vector maps? Do you also create orthophoto mosaics, NDWI, NDVI, DEM raster files? Our system can handle all of this.

map; 3D; data sharing


If you work with LAS, LAZ or E57 formats, SurveyTransfer will be your favorite 3D data sharing platform.

map; 3D; data sharing


Are you often working with high resolution models? Be it OBJ, PLY, IFC or anything else you can share it all here.

map; 3D; data sharing


You can upload any file without spatial projection to SurveyTransfer. For example pdf reports, videos or images.

Why is SurveyTransfer the best map and 3D data sharing platform?

1 The most advanced built-in Map and 3D viewer

2 Share files in unlimited size quickly and easily

3 Save time by analyzing Your files without downloading

4 User-friendly interface tailored to Your needs

5 You get a high level of support from an awesome Team

HOW does the sharing of maps and 3D data WORK?


Upload your assets.
We support many formats.

Set the layers

Use the uploaded files to create your layer structure in the map and 3D view.


Just copy and share your project link with your clients.

Get the results

View, analyze or download the assets in your browser easily.

Impress your clients

User-friendly interface and easy data availability equals happy clients.

We're working on it to make it this easy

We're working on it to make it this easy

Pricing for the map and 3D data sharer

Coming soon...

map; 3D; data sharing

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    Frequently Asked Questions

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    Project creation and file upload

    Two types of views are available, map view and 3D view. In views, you can display the uploaded files together, customize them and take measurements. You can create several map views or 3D views for one project. Views are shared automatically with the project.

    In order for these files to be processed together, they must be uploaded in a ZIP file. For example, in the case of a shapefile, the SHP file and its additional files must be packed into a ZIP file, and then this ZIP should be uploaded. Uploading several shapefiles in only one ZIP is not supported, different shapefiles must be uploaded in separate ZIP files.

    There can be several reasons for this. If a “CRS error” occurred, the file doesn’t have an embedded CRS definition or the CRS definition is invalid and the file could not be interpreted in the project CRS either. In such cases, it is worth checking the CRS assigned to the file or the project and trying to upload it again. In the case of “File too large” error, a file exceeding the upper limit of processing was uploaded. The upper limit only affects processing. It doesn’t affect uploading, you can still share and download the original file and you can even upload more files as long as you still have enough storage. We will increase this limit in the future by increasing the capacity of our servers. In the case of “File format error”, the uploaded file is probably incorrect, for example, it contains data that is not in the standard format of that file extension. In the case of “Processing error”, some unexpected error has occurred, in which case it is worth checking whether the file is corrupted. If you think the file isn’t corrupted, then let us know and we will try to fix the problem! To report an error, use our feedback form:

    You can upload and share any file format. However, not all file formats can be added to views. You can see the list of formats that can be added to views on the project page by clicking on the help icon in the upper right corner of the file upload section. The formats not mentioned in the list will not be processed, but they still can be shared and downloaded.

    After uploading files they will be processed based on the CRS stored in them. Most files automatically include a CRS definition, but if you upload a file that does not include one, it will be processed based on the project CRS. You can change the project CRS at any time and since it is optional, if not specified, WGS84 will be used.

    Share maps and 3D files

    No, you don’t necessarily need to register an account to be able to open a share link. However, in order to be able to create projects and share files and views, you will definitely need an account.

    You can open the share link in your own browser. When you open the share link, you will temporarily also be granted read-only privileges and you will see the same thing as the person you shared the link with. To exit read-only mode, navigate back to the project list. You can also use another device where you are not yet logged in to the same SurveyTransfer account to check this.

    By turning off automatic save, manual save mode is activated, i.e. the changes will not be saved automatically. You can then freely modify anything without it being saved immediately. When you are ready with the changes, you can save your latest changes or even restore the last saved state. In manual save mode, changes are not visible on the share link until you save them.

    Currently, yes. Later, it will also be possible to share the project directly with registered users, without using a share link.

    For now, yes, but we are constantly investigating new possibilities and user needs and improving SurveyTransfer. All suggestions are welcome:

    The current state of the view is saved including files added to the view, file settings and customizations (e.g. transparency or color), measurements and the current camera position.

    When opening a project with a share link, read-only access is granted. The user can open the created views, add temporary layers from the already uploaded files and edit the added layers, take measurements, download files, but they cannot save the changes. The changes will be lost when the page is reloaded.

    If automatic save is turned on, as soon as the user reloads the page with the share link. If you use manual save, then after clicking the save button.

    If you copy the link on the main page of the project, the main page will be visible first. If you copy the share link in one of the views, the link will open that view first, but the user can then navigate freely within the project in this case too.