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Struggling With Geospatial Data Sharing?

SurveyTransfer is an innovative cloud-based platform meant for surveyors where they can collaborate with their clients on an interactive map and in a 3D view. Surveying data can be organized into projects which makes sharing large files fast, convenient and secure. Measuring, labeling and other useful tools are available in the project files. Uploaded assets can be downloaded or deleted as we respect that it’s your data and you decide what you do with it.

Which technologies do we support?







What files can you upload and share?


Do you work with SHP, DWG or DXF vector maps? Do you also create orthophoto mosaics, NDWI, NDVI, DEM raster files? Our system can handle all of this.


If you work with LAS, LAZ or E57 formats, SurveyTransfer will be your favorite data sharing platform.


Are you often working with high resolution models? Be it OBJ, PLY, IFC or anything else you can share it all here.


You can upload any file without spatial projection to the data store. For example pdf reports, videos or images.

Why is SurveyTransfer the best spatial data sharing platform?

1 The most advanced built-in Map and 3D viewer

2 Share files in unlimited size quickly and easily

3 Save time by analyzing Your files without downloading

4 User-friendly interface tailored to Your needs

5 You get a high level of support from an awesome Team


Upload your assets.
We support many formats.

Set the layers

Use the uploaded files to create your layer structure in the map and 3D view.


Just copy and share your project link with your clients.

Get the results

View, analyze or download the assets in your browser easily.

Impress your clients

User-friendly interface and easy data availability equals happy clients.

We're working on it to make it this easy

We're working on it to make it this easy


Coming soon...

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