Case studies (demo projects)

The following are waiting for you on the ‘Case Studies’ page:

  • 3D digital twin of Regensberg (reality mesh)
  • Industrial estate – Thermal mapping
  • Powerline Detection
  • Precision Agriculture (NDVI; NDRE)
  • Heritage Protection – Castle and French gardens point cloud
  • Torbjørnskjær lighthouse – Orthomosaic, contour lines, DEM, point cloud and reality mesh model of an island.


The following are waiting for you on the ‘How to Use’ page:

  • The purpose and overview of SurveyTransfer geospatial data sharing software
  • Important information before using SurveyTransfer geospatial sharing:
    • Supported file formats
    • File size limits
    • Plans
    • File processing
  • Account creation, billing management and SurveyTransfer’s user interface
  • Sharing GeoTIFF files on the web
  • Sharing vector maps on the web with SurveyTransfer
  • Sharing point clouds on the web: sharing LAS and LAZ
  • Sharing 3D models on the web: sharing obj, ply and ifc
  • Managing Layers in SurveyTransfer’s Map and 3D View
  • Measurements on SurveyTransfer’s shareable web map
  • Measurements in SurveyTransfer’s shareable web 3D
  • Getting support from and providing feedback to SurveyTransfer


The following articles are waiting for you on the ‘Blog’ page:

  • Data collection (e.g. drone flight plan, ground photogrammetry, best drones, navigation systems)
  • Data processing (everything from photogrammetry processing through volume calculation to point cloud masking!)
  • Data sharing and visualization (GIS techniques and data visualization in all quantities)
  • ‘Quick Start’ for beginner drone mappers and those interested in the topic
  • GIS in general – approached from a theoretical point of view
  • Business tips for beginning entrepreneurs