• 2023-09-25

Sharing 3D models on the web: sharing obj, ply and ifc

Sharing 3D models on the web: sharing obj, ply and ifc

Sharing 3D models on the web: sharing obj, ply and ifc 1024 576 SurveyTransfer

SurveyTransfer supports obj, ply and ifc 3D model sharing.

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The first step of sharing 3D model is to upload the file. To do this, first log in to SurveyTransfer (you can read more about this here), create and open a project. Here you have two options to upload 3D model files. Using the drag-and-drop method, you simply drag the 3D model (obj, ply and ifc) files into the project:

3D Model Sharing - Collaborative Design

Or you can click on the upload section and browse for 3D model files.

Share 3D Models - Enhanced Collaboration

It is important to highlight that you can upload multiple 3D model files at once. The progress of the uploads is shown in a small window in the lower right corner.

Efficient 3D Model Sharing

You can cancel the uploads with the “X” icon. You have to confirm the cancel action in a pop-up window.

3D Model Sharing Tools

With the downward-pointing arrow (3D Model Sharing - obj, plc, ifc), you can minimize the progress indicator window. This window gives you information on the progress of your uploads even after navigating away from the upload page.

After the uploading has finished, SurveyTransfer automatically processes and converts the 3D model files (obj, ply and ifc) to be able to share them on the web. The progress of the processing is indicated by a small icon next to the files.

Collaborative 3D Design Sharing

Pro Tip: If your uploaded 3D model file is remarkably large and SurveyTransfer takes some time to process it, you don’t have to wait there for the processing to complete. You can enable automatic email notifications and we will send you an email when the processing has finished. Read more about this here!

Good to know:

SurveyTransfer is capable of handling texture-less, vertex-colored PLY formats too. It is not necessary to upload them as ZIP files!

SurveyTransfer will treat IFC files as 3D models and not as BIM models, so the IFC file will form a unified 3D model! The visualization of this will be improved in future updates.

Handling 3D model files in SurveyTransfer

You can download the 3D model files (obj, ply and ifc) with the Download button

(3D Model Sharing - obj, plc, ifc) or you can delete them after clicking on the More Options button (3D Model Sharing - obj, plc, ifc).

Secure 3D Model Sharing

SurveyTransfer also has a Quick Preview mode (3D Model Sharing - obj, plc, ifc) in which you can open a specific 3D model file in 3D in a separate window. You cannot take measurements or add other layers in Quick Preview mode.

3D Model Collaboration Solutions

To be able to take measurements on the 3D model files (obj, ply and ifc) or to share them with others, you have to add it to a 3D view. To do this, first go back to the project page using the breadcrumb menu:

Optimize 3D Model Sharing

Before file sharing: creating a 3D view

On the project page (where you uploaded the 3D model files), click on the Create View button, and create a new 3D view!

Interactive 3D Model Sharing

After this, a 3D view is created and SurveyTransfer asks you to add files.

obj, ply, ifc

By clicking on the Select Files button, you can see all your files that can be displayed in 3D, in this case, the obj, ply and ifc files. Choose what you need and then click OK.

Streamline 3D Model Sharing

The 3D view zooms in on the geographic extent of the selected files. Further settings are available too, such as layer management and measurements.

Streamline 3D Model Sharing

Modifications made in the 3D view, such as moving the view, zooming, turning layers on and off, styling or reordering layers, placing points, taking length, and area measurements, can be saved. Saving can be automatic (default) or manual. If automatic saving is enabled, anything you modify is immediately saved. If this feature is turned off, you can manually save  (3D Model Sharing - obj, plc, ifc) and restore the previous state (3D Model Sharing - obj, plc, ifc) as well.

Streamline 3D Model Sharing

If you use manual save mode and try to navigate away after changing something, SurveyTransfer will ask you if you are sure to leave the page without saving. Your changes will not be accidentally lost thanks to the warning.

obj, plc, ifc

Sharing 3D model with SurveyTransfer

After you have finished designing your 3D view, it’s time to share the project. You can share the created 3D view (and thus the obj, ply and ifc files) either on the project page or on the 3D view page using a link. You can generate a shareable link with the Share Project button in the top right menu. Clicking the button will open a pop-up window where you can generate the project share link by clicking the “Create share link” button.

Pro Tip: If you copy the link in the 3D view, the user who opens the link will first see  that 3D view. This user cannot modify the 3D view you have created. They can navigate back to the project page and they can open other views too. If you copy the share link on the SurveyTransfer project page, the user who opens the link will first see the list of files. From there, they can navigate freely and open the saved views (maps and 3D views). With the shared link, the raw point cloud files can be downloaded from either the file list or the map.

obj, plc, ifc

Once you have generated the share link, you can copy and send it to your client. If you later decide not to allow access to the project with this share link anymore, you can revoke the link with the “Revoke Link” button.

obj, plc, ifc


If someone opens the link you have sent them, they will see the 3D view with the 3D model files (obj, ply and ifc) as shown below:

3D Model Sharing - obj, plc, ifc

If you have shared a project, the share icon will change from 3D Model Sharing - obj, plc, ifc to 3D Model Sharing - obj, plc, ifc.

obj, plc, ifc
obj, plc, ifc